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Things Trunks would never say.

1.What the heck how can I naturally have purple hair!

2.Why can't I have a tattoo mom!

3.Mom for my birthday I want a doll house.


Things the Dragon would never say.

1.Can't you go to a wishing pond.

2.Same thing every year.

3.I'll give a wish alright, anytime anywhere in Canada for only 50 cents a minute.

Things Piccalo would never say.

1.Hey Gohon want to see a magic trick I am going to chop of my arm and grow it back!

2.Let us settle this like gentlemen over a cup of tea.

3.I'm so ugly my mother had to use a slingshot to feed me!


Things Gohon would never say.

1.Me need more play!

2.Mom can you just shut up for one second and listen to me.

3.You gave me a brush cut mom! That is so in the 80's!


Things Vegeta would never say.

1.Trunks I think it's time we spend some quality time together.

2.My Bulma your looking pretty today.

3.I really need a haircut.


Things Gokou would never say.

1.Hey Vegeta let's go rob a bank!!

2.I hate you Gohon now that we have Goten we don't need you anymore.

3.I think I should become a ballerina.